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Whether you’re looking for a simple digital signage solution to capture the attention of your audience, or need a complex, dynamic set-up that effectively communicates your message across multiple locations and mediums, our team will create a complete package that is the right fit for you. From the initial consultation, to selection and installation of your hardware and software, right through to content creation and technical support, we partner with you to deliver a solution that will accelerate the growth and enhance the reputation of your organisation.

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Digital Signage Services​

The right digital signage package will be the perfect fit for your business in every way. It will create awareness around your brand, service or product and make life easier for your staff, clients and stakeholders.
To find out what you need, we’ll have an in-depth discussion about the outcomes you wish to achieve and the functionalities you require. We’ll then use our extensive experience and knowledge of digital hardware and software to put together a tailored package just for you. You’ll have plenty of choices around the type, size and format of the screens, as well as the software that powers it, to be sure the end result ticks every box.
There are so many ways digital signage can be used across a wide range of industries and we offer hardware and software options to suit every need. From digital menu boards and directories, to sanitiser stations and video walls, LED and LCD digital signage goes far beyond a standard screen. Powering the on-screen displays is dynamic software, working hard behind the scenes to keep everything functioning and looking good.
Our team have worked on some of the largest digital signage rollouts in Australia, and will provide plenty of examples to help you visualise how your new digital signage will look and operate to help you choose the right fit. You will also be provided with extensive training and ongoing support to ensure you and your team get the optimum benefits from your new system.
If you lack the in-house expertise to design and create visual content to display on your screens, our creative department can take care of this for you. Our highly experienced designers can bring your messaging to life, with modern 2D or 3D motion graphic designs that are engaging and on-brand. We’ll incorporate your logo, brand colours and font to provide a professional and cohesive look. All imagery and text will be targeted to suit the preferences of your audience and demographic, so that it resonates and gets their attention.
Whether you have a clear picture of how you would like the display to look, or need some ideas to build it from the ground up, we can share examples and provide creative inspiration to uncover just the right look and feel for you.
As part of your tailored digital signage solution, our projects team can coordinate and complete all aspects of the installation of your signage so that it’s ready for use in the shortest possible time frame. We’ll plan the installation date in advance so you have plenty of notice, and are flexible to work around your schedule, allowing you to choose a day that is best suited to you. This means there will be minimal interruption to your normal business operations and you can avoid works during your peak or busy times.
Our highly skilled installation team includes project managers to keep things on track and running smoothly, along with experienced technicians who deliver the electrical and data cabling expertly and efficiently to get your system up and running sooner.
If you are considering installing digital signage, you may feel a little nervous about how it will work and wonder about its functionality and how to get the most out of it. You can be confident that you and your team will receive support during pre-installation, through handover, and beyond, ensuring you are well-equipped to make the most of this powerful marketing and messaging tool.
Support is available as questions arise, and you will receive ongoing updates on operating systems and software upgrades as required. You also have the option to upgrade to one of our support packages that includes technical support of various levels to suit your digital signage and needs.
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