Electronic Digital Signage For Churches and Places of Worship

Having a simple, effective way to share information can be so useful when you want to communicate upcoming events and happenings, provide wayfinding or solidify your culture. Electronic signage can help enhance the sense of community and level of engagement within your organisation. Easy to manage electronic signs are a fantastic tool that has become more and more widely used in churches and places of worship. It allows you to keep your members of congregation in the loop and involved at all times.

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Connect, Inform And Engage Your Congregation

Whether you are looking to communicate essential information with vibrant messaging, or share critical information across multiple locations, electronic signage is a highly effective and memorable way to capture the attention of your audience.

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With easy to operate customised software, you can share an array of information from different devices, such as general announcements about events. 

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Use digital or electronic signage to communicate broader messages and information, such as local news or weather. While in a large environment, the screens can be converted to wayfinding signage to assist with navigation. The system can also include a panic switch that allows you to instantly share critical news, instructions, and evacuation information if an emergency should strike.

Electronic Digital Signage For Schools / Churches

Customised Electronic Signage For All

We have designed and delivered effective electronic signage solutions across the religious sector. From simple screens and signage, to complex and dynamic systems for larger settings.

Whether you have a clear image in mind of what you require, or need advice to recommend the best setup and software to match your needs, our expert team is always happy to help. With our simple 7-step process, we’ll design an electronic signage solution for your organisation that ticks all your boxes. Electronic signs can also grow and adapt with the changing needs.

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For over 16 Years, JDS continues to proudly provide services and support to their loyal and valued clients.

For over 16 Years, JDS continues to proudly provide services and support to their loyal and valued clients.

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