Cheltenham East Primary School Outdoor LED Retrofit

Cheltenham East Primary School, situated 17 kms from Melbourne, has a rich history spanning over 60 years. In recent times, the school has undergone significant remodelling to ensure that it remains modern and functional.

Cheltenham East PS turned to Just Digital Signage for a comprehensive outdoor LED digital retrofit solution. The school’s existing frame sign, which served as a manual letter board, was being used to communicate simple messages to students and the wider community.

JDS (Just Digital Signage), a renowned provider of innovative LED solutions, was tasked with designing and implementing the retrofit solution. The company’s team of experts worked closely with Cheltenham East PS to understand their unique needs and requirements. Based on this understanding, JDS proposed a solution that would incorporate a high-quality ultra-fine resolution P4 LED technology digital screen to provide clear and bright messaging.

The retrofit solution included the installation of a custom-designed LED panel, which seamlessly integrated with the existing frame sign. The 2000m x 1000m LED screen was designed to provide superior brightness and clarity, even in bright sunlight, ensuring that messages could be read from any distance.

Overall, JDS’s outdoor LED retrofit solution proved to be a resounding success. The new LED screen provided an effective communication tool for Cheltenham East PS, enabling them to communicate important messages to their students and the wider community.

In conclusion, JDS’s outdoor LED retrofit solution provided Cheltenham East PS with a modern, effective, and energy-efficient communication tool that met the school’s unique needs and requirements..

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